Rongsense Group participates in 10,000 people walking
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On the morning of May 5, "All people are mobilized, all people participate, all people are healthy, and all people share." Under the organization of the labor union of the group company, 35 employees of Rongsense Group participated in the 8th National Fitness Games in Shandong Province for 10,000 People Walking (Rizhao Station) and the launching ceremony of the National Fitness Month in Rizhao City. The event was held in Rizhao (Wanpingkou) Ocean Park The square opened.

   This walk activity selects the most beautiful beach line in sunshine, the whole distance is 6.1 kilometers, and nearly 10,000 sports enthusiasts from urban agencies, enterprises and institutions, universities and colleges and all walks of life participated.

With the beautiful scenery, the people who participated in the walk not only relaxed their body and mind after work, but also enjoyed the green and health. This event aims to promote the concept of low-carbon, environmental protection, civilized, and healthy life, and use practical actions to promote the creation of a model city for national sports and fitness and to create a "viable city, sports city, healthy city and sports city"!

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